50s Digital

Advertising with a twist

Short story

Founded in 2011 as a web development start-up, 50s Digital was created inspired by a paradox: the advertiser’s dream decade, the birth of consumerism, the wide availability of radios & TVs in households, combined with the new era led by the tech revolution, the internet kingship and the smartphone domination.

And the paradox is still there, inspiring us to work with the same enthusiasm of advertising in the 50’s, but with a much better understanding of human – and user – behavior and with a whole different set of tools.

Our vision

We are driven by a start-up mindset, that is treat every project as a business opportunity for the client and focus on deliver results responsibly and on time. But we love innovation, that’s why we will always challenge you with a twist, that special something that makes the difference between good and awesome.

From creative & marketing strategy to digital experiences - be it websites, custom mobile apps or platforms, SEM or social media management to innovative technologies, we deliver top notch digital engagement opportunities.

Our work

Over the years, we’ve played with our own status, expanding our expertise and reaching new types of audiences. We’ve delivered digital assets for most of the local advertising agencies, but also worked directly in digital campaigned with top companies. We’ve also created on own products, from mobile games to dating apps.


Kaufland Popup Restaurant - Website
Kaufland Card - Website
Kaufland Animaterra 2 - Website
Kaufland - Mobile AR application
Match Spot - Mobile application
Vodafone/MRM - Mobile Application
Sam Mills - Website
Luxury Imob - Website
BAT - Website
Vodafone/MRM - Mobile VR application)
Swipe for Gold - Mobile Application
Hungry Trip - Mobile Application